Our Philosophy

Imogen is a brand that embraces the power of simplicity. We firmly believe that effective skincare does not have to be complicated or rely on synthetic, harmful, or diluted ingredients. Instead, we're committed to a philosophy of natural beauty, transparency, and integrity. Drawing inspiration from our Scandinavian surroundings and traditional Norse practices, we meticulously craft products that are not only effective but also promote kindness to people, animals, and the planet. We take a holistic approach to skincare, starting from seed to skin, we use pure and potent ingredients sourced from our own farm, local, or Scandinavian sources. Our mission is to make skincare simple, sustainable, and empowering for all.

Natural Clean Beauty

Our Chemist and founder, Cassie, formulates all our products with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they are both effective and simple, without any harmful or unnecessary ingredients. Unlike many mainstream brands, which often rely on synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to our health and the environment, we use natural and clean ingredients that provide real benefits to the skin. We select each botanical ingredient based on its active, skin-nourishing properties, carefully blending them together in advanced formulations that work together to restore and nourish the skin.

Our goal at Imogen is to create skincare products that address your specific skin concerns and promote healthy skin, without relying on synthetic ingredients, masking agents or fillers.


The average woman uses 12 cosmetic products per day, which exposes her to 168 chemicals. The modern world often promotes the idea that we need complex and ever-changing beauty products to feel beautiful, but this is simply not true. It is essential to be kind to ourselves, for mental health, relationships and overall well-being. Imogen is not just a skincare brand, it represents a way of being that embraces simplicity, allowing us to slow down and be kind to ourselves.

Our goal is to revolutionise the industry by demonstrating that we do not need to use countless skincare products or layers of makeup to feel confident and beautiful. What if we could use fewer products, with no harmful ingredients, that actually work and leave us feeling good? At Imogen, we have made it our mission to create a skincare line that promotes healthy, beautiful skin without compromising on the use of any harmful synthetic ingredients. We have worked tirelessly to bring Imogen to life, and we are committed to changing the beauty industry by embracing simplicity and promoting self-kindness.


At Imogen, we take pride in developing highly effective formulas while keeping our focus on the environment. Our commitment to being kind to the planet is reflected in our vegan and natural products. To minimise our impact on the environment, we use ingredients that are either sustainably farmed or wild-harvested, and we strive to eliminate CO2 transport emissions by sourcing from the farm or nearby areas as much as possible.

Our products are crafted in small batches and formulated with seasonal or upcycled ingredients, further reducing our carbon footprint.

We prioritise recyclable or compostable packaging options that don't compromise on quality or performance of the products. Although we're not perfect, we're continually working to eliminate plastic components from our range and implementing a re-use packaging system.